How to fix shadows inside your K desk light

It’s great that you’ve received your K desk light but annoying that you’re seeing shadows on the inside of the light.

There are two types of shadows you may see – some are perfectly normal and some are not.

Normal shadows

Your K light is designed to be seen from the front either on a desk or hung on a wall. Looking from behind in some dark settings you may see some shadows.

These shadows are caused by the light controller and actual LED lights themselves inside. These shadows are expected but shouldn’t be visible from the front unless your light is in front of a light source.

Bad shadows

These types of shadows are basically areas on the front of the light that don’t look is bright as the other areas. These shadows are not normal and quite uncommon but luckily they can be fixed really easily – hence this guide.

The reason for these shadows is typically due to the LED strip becoming unstuck inside the casing. This normally happens because of how it’s been handled during shipping – or the LED is placed somewhere too warm and the adhesive is becoming unstuck.

Quick fix for shadows

Fixing unstuck LED lights is really simple and can be done with a few basic household objects. Just take your time, you’ve got this!

Remove the front plate

In order to access the lights inside, you will need to remove the front plate from the back casing.

This is the hardest part – but is really easy.

Find yourself a long narrow object thin enough to fit through the holes on the back of your light.

Perhaps a pen, a pencil or a nail file. Just don’t use anything with a sharp or pointy end or you risk puncturing through the front.

Next, looking through the hole on the taller side of the light push your long object against the front plate – aim for the area around the circles, not the circles themselves. The plastic is thicker around the circles.

Gently push the front until it pops off. You may need to push on a few areas to loosen it but don’t worry it’s held on by friction alone and the plastic of the front is quite bendy.

Once you’ve done this you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Sticking down the lights

You’ll notice the LED light strip inside and you will see where it has come unstuck.

Normally you can just apply a little pressure and the LEDs will be stuck down for good and you won’t need to do this again.

Place the front back on

Now you’ve reattached the lights, place the front back on by lining it up and gently pushing it down around the edges. You may need to apply lightly more pressure in some areas.

Starting at the taller side and working around the edges is normally best.

Fixing this issue again and again

If you find you keep having to repeat this process from time to time it could be that you live in a consistently hot place and the adhesive isn’t setting properly.

For these instances I would recommend a few dabs of super glue in the problem areas to keep it stuck down.

Do not use hot glue or any glues that get hot (epoxy) – these could melt the plastic casing and your K light turns inside a blob light.

Other shadows or issues

If you’re finding other shadows or perhaps the LED strip isn’t lighting up in some places – please get in touch and we will discuss how to fix this.